Girl, You Fat.

A recipe for you all

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Consider this in between the last post and the new post.  It is post #2.5 if you will, because I am being harassed in my every day life to update this thing.

One of the problems I have most often at work is that I have an oral fixation (please…enter jokes here) and pretty much always have to be eating or drinking something.  That’s occurred since I was a baby, walking around with an empty bottle hanging out of my mouth.  At work, I’m trying to drink water to pacify this, but during a 9 hour day, I have to snack on something (not counting lunch, which I generally get from the Best Vegetarian Restaurant Ever, right around the corner).  Lately, this “snack” has consisted of dark chocolate, which I guess is better than milk chocolate, but I’m thinking it should probably not be an occurrence in each of the six days a week that I work.  So I’ve been on the look out for a good snack to bring to work.

LUCKILY, I have this girl on my Facebook feed that I went to Mexico with way back in 2007.  This girl is studying to be a dietician and thus is blogging about it.  Recently she blogged about roasted chickpeas.

Now let me tell you, Girl, I’m Fat Audience.  I love me some chickpeas/garbanzo beans.  Whether whole, in the form of hummus, as falafel…I don’t care.  I will chow the hell down.  So this seemed like an obvious approach.  I’ve whipped up a batch in the last couple of hours and I must say, they are delicious.  So to give credit where credit is due, I feel you should all check out Amari’s blog here, at Eat Chic.  She’s a smart, cool girl, though I’m not sure she remembers who I am, and she seems to know what the hell she’s talking about.  I’ve linked specifically to the garbanzo bean recipe.

However, I did modify mine a little bit.  I did the following:

Throw a whole damn bag of raw, whole chickpeas into a pot of water.  Let that boil for two minutes, and then let it sit for two hours.  Or, you can go about it in the non-Panamanian approach, and just buy those guys in cans.

Once they are edible (or taken out of their cans), mix them up with olive oil, lemon juice (I had about three cups of beans, so I used about 5T olive oil, and 2T lemon juice).  Then toss them in the following spice mixture of salt, pepper, cumin, curry, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves,  and probably some more curry, since it prevents Alzheimer’s.  Roast them up for thirty minutes, making sure to stir part way through.

This recipe is for everyone.  It’s vegetarian, it’s vegan, it’s gluten free, it’s pretty diabetic friendly…I really don’t know of anyone who *couldn’t* eat this.  Plus, it’s a good source of protein, so when I’m hitting my 3pm slouch and am about read to throttle my ridiculous boss, I will just reach for my handy Tupperware container of these guys, instead.

BRAVO, Garbanzo.


5 Responses to "A recipe for you all"

I’m so glad you love this recipe as much as I do! 🙂

PS. You look incredible Melissa! I hope all is well, miss ya girl!

You not eating chocolate anymore?

A little intimidated about our upcoming competition? RESORTING TO TALKING SMACK?

yes. I am totally trying this recipe.

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