Girl, You Fat.

Hello world!

Posted on: December 12, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


6 Responses to "Hello world!"

Even thru all that and what you have said on your blog, I remember when you were 2 and on….you always said, and I
quote “I CAN DO IT” SO DO IT. But always remember to Grandpa and I we love you.

Mel. I have always loved you like a sister. I have never–and this is completely honest–thought of you as “big” or “fat.” If you are looking for encouragement from your friends, you may need to look elsewhere for the insults that will get your ass out of bed in the morning.

However, as someone who is also frequently battling weight-issues (I look NOTHING like that Homecoming picture), and as someone who eats about as poorly as a man can eat, and is starting to pay for it with my health, I want in on this.

I’m not a blogger. I only read Facebook when I think I have to. And (as you yourself can attest), I’m not great about constant communication; one thing at a time. But I want to be healthier by the spring as well, because I know that I’m only going to spiral out of control during study time and on-call nights in med school if I don’t get this under control now…

The upcoming holidays are gonna put a wrench in this for me, but I’m going to try and be better than in previous years, and then light it up on January 2. So, what’s the game plan?


I’ll be that friend that kicks you in the culo, need be.
I like how you taking a step in the right direction while simultaneously quenching your thirst for public nakedness. Hey, who knows, maybe if this whole thing works out you’ll post some hot pics of that booty!

Girl, you crazy!

You continue to entertain.
Would you like a fried plantain?
No, no, you must maintain,
The diet that is a pain.
Franco is really lame,
Cuz he wants to see a picture of your vagein.
Keep your clothes on mayne,
And let me see you work yo’ thang!

Good luck (:

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